Laboratory for Hypersonic and Shock wave Research
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science
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Research in the fields of hypersonics and shock waves in the department of Aerospace Engineering was started in early 1970's by Prof. N M Reddy with the establishment of HST1 shock tunnel in the High Enthalpy Aerodynamics Laboratory. The laboratory underwent a major upgradation after 1994 under the leadership of Prof. K P J Reddy. Separate Shock Wave Research Laboratory, High Temperature Chemical Kinetics Laboratory and a dedicated Machine Shop were created with the help of new faculty members Prof. G. Jagadeesh, Prof. E. Arunan (IPC Department) and Dr. S. Saravanan. All these laboratories were combined and renamed as the Laboratory for Hypersonics and Shock wave Research (LHSR) after relocating at the current location in the year 2010. This laboratory is equipped with a wide range of facilities and has been involved in research work on hypersonic aerodynamics, shock waves and application of shock waves.

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